The world of classic cars has changed a lot in recent years. They are no longer playground of the rich. Now, you can get your hands on a classic car in different budgets. For someone who is looking to profit from the growing demand for classic cars, there are some gems that can work the magic whilst you still have a lot of fun. The top five cars that can turn out to be future classics are:

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a true icon wherever you go. Even though there have been several generations of this incredibly successful hot hatch, the Mk2 is a gem. A good one can be picked up for around £3500 in the UK. These cars turned out to be incredibly reliable and it would be difficult to find a low mileage option. Despite this durability, rust is a problem that has plagued these versions.

Honda Civic Type R

Hondas are known for their reliability and the Civic Type R additionally manages to bring incredible performance to the table. This is quite a combination that can work exceptionally well even after several years. Since a good example of a Honda Civic Type R can be picked up for around £4000, it makes a great pick for someone targeting a future classic. It would be preferable to go for models post-2003, as they tend to have better dynamic behaviour due to a tighter steering.


BMW created quite a stir in the market when they came up with the M2, which happens to be the most affordable and smallest BMW M car that can be bought. It offers an incredible engine, potent chassis, and a ton of entertainment. One can truly set aside the BMW M2 for a future classic when it is picked up in a manual version rather than the automatic. The six-speed manual is likely to be sought after in the next few years when the era of manual cars completely die out. One can pick up a good example of this BMW M2 for around £25,000.

Ford Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS joins an illustrious list of Ford cars to use this badge. Most of the previous RS cars from Ford have gone on to fetch excellent value in the classic car market. One can pick up a good example of the Focus RS for around £20,000. There is no reason to imagine why the car would not be an icon a few decades down the line. This car can turn out to be a sound investment if it is well maintained.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Even though Alfa Romeo 4C did not manage to convince critics when it was launched in 2013, the car can be something of an icon in the coming years. The carbon fibre construction makes this an excellent handler. It is quite difficult to find an Italian two seater sports car at this price range of around £31,000. There are some flaws, but that is what makes this Alfa special indeed.